The Caretaker

of Dragons,

The Origins

of Arthur

A prequel to There are Dragons in the Garden

The Caretaker of Dragons, The Origins of Arthur tells a journey from infancy to the manhood of a wizard that was not born. The book will take its readers on a voyage from the Black Forest region of Germany to China and back again. The adventures and lessons Arthur meets along the way result in him becoming a wizard and The Caretaker of Dragons. Katherine’s fantasy book will spark growth and development in the minds and bodies of its readers.


This man was another person studying natural philosophy, an alchemist by the name of Barnabas Scout. Alchemy is the studied throughout Europe, Africa and Asia but seems to have originated in Greece, Rome and Egypt. An alchemist is a person who attempts to purify, mature and perfect certain materials like plants and minerals.
Arthur dug around the spot of purple and found it to be a thin, leathery material. He kept digging and soon came to a small long body, about three feet long. He then found one small leg and then another. He dug towards the other end of the body, a winged shoulder and then a head appeared. Arthur was then able to lift the creature from the snow freeing the other wing. He recognized the creature as a wyvern – a smaller form of dragon with two legs rather than four.
“You are starting a journey not of distance but of the mind. You will travel from ignorance to enlightenment and from novice to master. So, I ask again, are you prepared?”